Car financing Nairobi Kenya

With so many commitments and the same 24 hours a day, a car is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity to help us do our everyday chores. This has been worsened by the unreliable public transport system that is in place right now.

Nairobi Car financing Kenya

Fortis Auto understands this and for that matter it has partnered with major financial institutions like banks, SACCOs etc to ensure that the clients gets theĀ  most convenient form of asset financing.

The interest rates given by most of the banks are far much favorable compared to some years back. However it is important to note that the rates are not standard and therefore each bank has it's on interest percentage. Despite this, the percentage margin is not that big.

The loan application procedures are no longer as stringent as they used to be. Over and above this, Fortis Auto has qualified staff that will guide you through your asset financing application with an institution of your choice and ensure that you drive your dream car. Get in touch with us and we will advice on the steps to take.

Get financing for your car today. Take a minute and fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

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