Car Sales

We satisfy any customer who may have a need for a car and can afford to purchase one. Even if the car is not  available at hand during the customer(s) visit, we are able to source one either locally or internationally for them. We assess clients needs and direct them to purchase the right product

Car Identity and Alarm Fixing

Stolen side mirrors, wheel caps or indicators are common occurrences that can be prevented by having an effective alarm system installed. We do an intensive job to ensure that whenever or wherever you park your vehicle you are assured that nothing will be stolen; as the alarm sensors will detect any pressure on the car when the alarms are activated

Quality Window Tinting

Tinting helps in blocking harmful sun rays from reaching your skin and help reduce direct entry of ‘raw’ light inside the car. This in turn reduces excessive heat within the car environment and offers a good ambience to enjoy your driving experience. You might have come across car with tints that are either torn or been beaten so hard by the sun till they display all sort of colors. At Fortis Auto, we don’t call this tinting.

Installation of Central Locking System

During rush hour times, it is possible to stay in traffic jams for up to 2 hours and in our roads there are numerous hawkers peddling all manner of products that might distract your attention; and if one of the doors is not locked then someone can open and steal something from the car or if it comes to the worst, be carjacked. Apart from being convenient to have a central locking system (you don’t have to bend over every time to lock the door when someone is alighting)  it a security measure that will prevent things from being stolen inside your car and help prevent carjacking..


Upgrade Your Ride

To trade-in your vehicle involves a lot less of a hassle than selling it yourself. You simply have to fill in the form included alongside and submit it along with actual photos of your vehicle. Thereafter, we’ll do all the hard work for you.